• We accept consignments/ buy outs on a slot-basis. We will usually be announcing when slots are open and once its filled, you can ask us to be waitlisted for the next one.

  • We buy fashion-related pre-loved items for all genders, size and age. Please note that our collection is curated so there will be a selection process for the clothes/pieces that you wish to consign with us. We only take pieces that are current-trend, classic, or vintage that are clean and in good condition.  In order to ensure a successful consignment experience please pre-sort your items and exclude worn-out or defective items and intimates of any kind. 


  • Pricing for each kind of clothing will be based on different criterias.  Pricing guidelines will be sent to you once your slot is secured. Your items may be paid in cash or store credit upon your preference

  • There are 2 ways to consign with us, Through  personal appointments or through contactless consignment.

  1.   Through personal appointment-  This is an immediate buy out process on your preloved items. You may communicate with us to arrange an appointment on a set time/ date. Bring the items personally to our studio in ajman and we will be evaluating them on the spot . Eigible items will be paid immediately with cash or store credit, depending on your preference. 

  2.  Through contactless consignment- This entire process might take weeks and you have to arrange the shipping of your items. First, Fill up a form (which we will be sending you) with the breakdown of items that will be shipped to us, This will be for your own reference too. Arrange the shipment of the items through a courier of your choice. Once we receive them, we will be evaluating your items and send you back the final quotation after a maximum of 2 days. Upon your approval of the quotation, we will start selling them while the uneligible items will be shipped back to you. Cash equivalent will be processed after 5 days via bank transfer while store credit will be granted immediately.

  • For more information on how to book your slot, kindly send us an email at , or send us a message on our facebook page .