About Us

Founded in 2019 by two ex- flight attendants in the UAE with the intention of bringing a different perspective into fashion, Relove aims to bridge more people to great quality, timeless and sustainable clothing in an easy, practical and convenient way. 

Our collection of secondhand pieces is specially curated with love, while taking into account that every person is unique. 

Through this movement that we like call ReLoving, We aim to make an impact not only to people's lives but to the industry and the environment as well.


Our Cause

It is undeniable to this day that fast fashion comes at a great cost not only to the environment but to the people who make them as well. The consequences are endless, and it's not getting any better.

We are here 'cause we aim to make a difference. To be an antidote to fast fashion and to foster a healthier fashion ecosystem through our own way.

With fashion being an integral part of our lives, we believe that shopping secondhand is one of the most sustainable and practical option there is. Not only is it a more affordable alternative to people, but it gives a new life to  clothes which were rather neglected and might end up in the landfill. After all, We need to make use of what is already existent.


We believe in second chances, we believe that everything can be Reloved again.